Bringing India closer to EUR

In February 2011 a delegation of the Erasmus University Rotterdam will join forces with the municipality of Rotterdam and visit India. Are you wondering what our university will be doing there? Well, you can follow me real-time by my online blog, since I will join this mission to New Delhi and Mumbai from February 5 to February 12.

As a student, I will be traveling with the mayor of Rotterdam, the chairman and the pro-president of the Executive Board, and various other delegates. I will keep you up to date about our activities, aims and accomplishments. In the final blog, since this is a time of economic crisis and cost cutting, I will try to answer the question if this trip was worth its money and time investment.

My name is Leonie van Leeuwen and I am a fifth year medical student. Due to previous jobs as a board member of the MFVR and a member of the EMC Students Counsil, I am interested in ‘internationalising the EUR’. Since I want to make the most out of this trip, I would like to know your questions and remarks. Especially for medical students: what would you like to know about research and exchange programs? Don’t hesitate and email me!

Want to follow me and the others during our trip? Are you interested in the motivations and the aims? Then follow my daily blog during next week.