Some of you may have wondered why the Erasmus Bridge was so dark on Saturday, or maybe even asked – in case you were in Paris – why all the lights of the Eiffel Tower were switched off. The reason was the so called ‘Earth Hour’.

Following an initiative by the WWF in 2007, it has now become a global event: For one hour people are asked to switch off the lights at home trying to bring more attention to the urgent problem of global warming. This year, the results were a record! More than 4,000 cities in eighty countries participated, resulting in one out of seven people in the world contributing to the project. According to representatives of WWF, this was a way for hundreds of millions of people to “voice their concerns” on climate change.  Perhaps the idea seems interesting for one day, but the question remains: will this be enough in order to make people more conscious about global warming? Will the simple act of switching your light off make you more climate-aware?