Lees in nummer 4 over de nieuwe boksvereniging Erasmus Boxing, over proefkonijn zijn in het lab en of het ‘ik kies bewust’logo op voedsel wel zo verantwoord is.

This summer, different news media reported there will be an increase of thirty percent of Chinese first-year students. However, their arrival is not yet certain, Jacques van Vliet stresses on www.transfermagazine.nl. He is director of the Netherlands Education  Support  Office. Before being allowed entry, Chinese students must earn a certificate proving their English proficiency is at an acceptable level.

Last year a rise in applications for the certificate of thirty percent was reported. On average, seventy five to eighty percent of the applicants will eventually travel to Holland, but it remains to be seen how many will get their hands on the certificate this time. In any event, there is an end to the decline. In 2005, according to Transfer, 5339 Chinese students resided in Holland while in 2007 that number had dropped to 4474. On a side note, the Germans remain by far the largest group of foreign students in this country. HOP