Viva la vida loca!

Perhaps a good start would be to speak about my very first impressions of my new house. I arrived here after a very long (but quite pleasant) car drive, and soon I saw myself inside of an apartment with 10 other flat mates to share my life with! I must say that the first day was slightly uncomfortable, since I honestly did not know what to expect from any of them. Either which ways, I decided to simply accept the new circumstances and make sure to just be opened for new situations! After all, what harm can it be to just get to know new people!?

My attitude thereon after was to make sure that I would be part of every activity that was going on in the house, regardless of the radical changes in my usual agenda. To begin with it seemed no one would answer my uncertain knocks on their doors, but I later found out this had nothing to do with “rejection” of their new flat mate, but more due to fact they were too busy having fun either on their holidays or in a typical bar somewhere in Madrid. I had to wait until the next day to start having some contact with them.

On Monday, I arrived from work to meet about five of them, who have already become almost as family to me. We spoke and had a great dinner together, as we often do when we all get back from our daily activities. The diversity of nationalities ranges from New Caledonia to Mexico making it even more of an experience, with one very important rule: no English allowed between us! The only exception to this is when we have visitors that cannot even try to speak the Spanish language; for all other times this agreement must remain unbroken!

Despite fond and frequent thoughts of those I miss in Holland, the extravagant weekends here in Madrid surpassed all my expectations and this will be the main topic of our next encounter! Meanwhile, I wish all the best to those of you who are starting or have already been experiencing new phases of your life! In other words, ¡Viva la vida loca!