To China or not to China?

Did you know that EUR will visit China? Do you want to find out more? Follow me real-time as I jump aboard and join on a mission from Shanghai to Beijing on the 11th of October until the 18th of October 2009! I will travel with Prof. Dr. Lamberts, Chairman of the Board of Executives of the EUR, Prof. Dr. George Yip, Dean of the RSM faculty and Prof Huib Pols, Dean of the Medical faculty.

So who is going?

My name is Otto Esser and I am a third year IBA student. Due to my interest in international business I have been committed to ‘internationalising’ the EUR both strategically as well as practically in previous jobs as First-Ambassador of IBA, President of EFR and currently as a member of the EUR-University Council.

Why am I going?

I will meet with students, professors and business men to promote the EUR and to watch and learn: What is required to become an international university? Is EUR on the right track? Do our Chinese colleagues agree? Do we overlook opportunities? How can EUR students individually seek opportunities in China?

Blog me in China

Do you want to follow me during my travels? Do you want to stay up to date about the activities of other members of the EUR delegation? Then follow my daily blog on during next week. Do you have questions or suggestions? Please e-mail me.