For all newcomers to Rotterdam, the “Little Black Book Rotterdam” has been put together. Even though it is only a little booklet, it is packed with loads of detailed information about the city of Rotterdam.

It helps you to find your way around by providing you, as an international student or visitor, with information about the city’s history, public transport, where to shop, where to go out, where to dine and wine, etc. It is a colourful little book, full of photos and it is in English. It also has information about Dutch customs and Dutch food; there is a city map and a whole list of important addresses at the back. It’s all you need. Of the 5000 copies that were printed, 2500 have already been sold.  

The little Black Book is available at the Selexyz bookshop on the campus, or with Petra Meiboom in room E1-18. It costs two euro. KL