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The numbers

New figures about the number of female professors appear about once a year. While their share used to stay constantly around 10 percent for years, it seems that some progress has finally been made in the past two years. About time, since the university only has a few months remaining to reach this self-imposed goal.


‘EUR will not achieve target regarding female professors’

The university will not achieve its target of having one in five women as professors,…

Io Vivat

ESE and RSM have the lowest number of female professors

ESL and the ESHCC are the only faculties to currently reach EUR’s target stating that…


Why are there fewer women professors at Erasmus University than in, for example, traditional masculine strongholds such as the technical universities in Delft and Eindhoven? And why does it seem to be so difficult to do anything about it? The answer to that question is complex, so very complex that a PhD student will try to formulate that answer throughout her entire PhD. Former RSM dean Steef van de Velde has his own view on it, and the previous chief diversity officer Hanneke Takkenberg saw herself as a modern day Don Quixote.

And then there are the official plans.

Hoogleraren 0604-2

This is what EUR will do to close its huge gender gap

Now there is an ambitious plan to catch up.


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This PhD candidate is researching why the number of female professors is lagging behind

Daphne van Helden is performing doctoral research into the paths taken by men and women…


‘We are all chasing the same women’

Dutch universities have made quite an effort to receive subsidies for the appointment of…

hanneke takkenberg chief diversity officer crop

“The problem lies with all of us, not just with white males”

Hanneke Takkenberg: “The problem lies with all of us, not just with white males”

Westerdijk fiasco

The Westerdijk plan was devised by the previous minister of Education, Jet Bussemaker. The thought was: through a financial incentive, we are raising the embarrassingly low percentage of female professors nationwide. Unfortunately, the incentive (€ 50,000 per position) turned out to be insufficient to convince the Rotterdam faculties: only four of the nine positions available were filled. A quarter of a million euros was wasted.


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EUR to pass up on a quarter million for appointment of women professors

The University has failed to find enough female candidates for funded professorships.

More related articles

Are you looking for even more context around this topic? The articles below are often a bit more dated, but still offer you a wealth of information.


Monitor: ‘Women in science are missing out on dozens of millions of euros’

Currently, 11 percent of EUR’s professors are female.

Hoogleraren 0604-2

EUR delays its target figure for women professors

EUR conservative in its target figure for women professors.

Dies 2015 hoogleraren decanen

Déjà vu: There is still a dearth of female professors

Female professors are still a minority.

Kristel Baele 4

Kristel Baele: “A quota is not far away”

President Kristel Baele quota not far away

Meer Mohr 4

Departing Chairman of the Board disappointed with diversity policy

Departing Chairman of the Board disappointed with university’s diversity