More insecurity, feelings of depression and stress. The experiences of first-generation students are well known thanks to recent research. But what is it like for parents when their child goes to college or university? There is not much research. So Erasmus Magazine spoke to eight parents about their experiences.

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A great deal of pride – and a little apprehension. That’s what it’s like to be a parent of a first-generation student

Going to higher education is not just a new experience for students who are the first in…

Master’s student Rashmi is the first in her family to go to university. This was a big step into the unknown for her, but also for her mother. “I thought: what is this like? Will it all work out?”

Rashmi Baldew en moeder Sita 0523-001_Levien Willemse

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First-generation student Rashmi engages in conversation with her mother: ‘I never realised that you were even more nervous than I was’

Master's student Rashmi is the first in her family to attend university. It was a…

The fact that her parents did not know exactly what university and her education were like did not matter to Romy. She had support from her parents in many other ways. “I’m lucky with where my cradle was,” she says.

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First-generation student Romy owes her parents a lot. ‘I’m so lucky to have you’

Romy didn’t mind that her parents didn’t know much about the university or her degree…