Increasing internationalization also leads to a higher percentage of drug users on the EUR, according to the EM survey. But why do EUR students use drugs and which ones are most popular? Read it in this overview.


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Drug use has increased among EUR students; international students are greatest users

A survey of EM among 1584 EUR students shows almost a doubling in drug use compared to…

XTC, it is not very addictive and if you use it in moderation you will not be hurt by it too much, right? Many people from the province of Noord-Brabant think otherwise. The province has been plagued by incidents with drug waste dumping, fires and discovered drug labs in residential areas. The Utrecht researcher Damian Zaitch exposes the world behind the ‘innocent’ pill.


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What lurks behind that ‘harmless’ pill you take on Saturday evenings

Damián Zaitch, expert op het gebied van drugscriminaliteit, over brandende busjes,…

Which world is hidden behind the weekly offers in the Whatsapp conversation with your regular drug dealer? And who really is that man or woman, who comes to deliver your keta at home? And what do students buy from that dealer? Reporter Ivar Laanen was allowed to spend a night driving shotgun in the car of a former student who regularly delivers to students.


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How this student became a professional drug dealer

EM contacted an anonymous drug dealer and arranged an interview with him. Here's how the…

The EM drug survey shows that male students are more likely to be drug users than their female counterparts, and the drug of choice is often XTC/MDMA. A cultural difference can also be seen between the faculties. Noteworthy is that, among other things, Erasmus MC students are less likely to be users than students at most of the other faculties.


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XTC is the most popular drug among EUR students; majority of students use drugs

Survey on drugs gathered 1584 responses of students across all faculties.

According to the Trimbos Institute, hard drugs are often consumed by highly educated people, because they visit nightlife more often. The students interviewed in the article below indicate that they often use drugs with friends while going out or at festivals. Drug use among students is relatively stable, but worrisome, a spokeswoman of Trimbos says.


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A quick snort at the pub: students take a lot of drugs

Cocaine, ketamine, speed and XTC… Students in Rotterdam are as likely to take drugs as…


The EM drugs questionnaire (closed now)

Keta, coke or MDMA? Join the big EM drug survey

What does your drug diet look like and that of other students? Fill in the survey and…