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Despite an admittedly low number of attendees, the three students present at the intercultural communication lecture dissected themes such as stereotypes, ethnocentrism, and essentialism as guided by lecturer Maaike Aans. “If you’re being ethnocentric, you use your own culture as the standard to be aspired to,” she explains to the group.

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Poor turnout, but the intercultural communication lecture is worth it

Learn more about ethnocentrism and semiotics by means of videos and memes. “This is one…

After two weeks of quarantining at home, lecturer Peter Verkoeijen delivered a TED Talk-like lecture that turned the difficult topic of probability calculus into an easy-to-follow seminar.


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Probability calculus minus the tricky jargon in a Statistics lecture

In the Statistics course, Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences students learn about…

In the Families and Inequalities lecture, Sociology master’s students passionately took part in the lecture themselves, as they contributed their perspectives on the topics discussed throughout. “In fact, we still have a lot of gender patterns to break through.”

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Gender inequality ignites fiery discussion in lecture hall

In the Families and Inequalities lecture, students passionately discuss the division of…

In this skill-based seminar taught by professor Bob Zietse, medical students learn to answer all sorts of questions in relation to kidneys. “You’re not allowed to guess the patient’s urine volume.”

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First-year medical students learn what a meal at an Italian restaurant does to your kidneys

Lecturer Bob Zietse asks an important question in the skill-based learning seminar taught…

There is never a dull moment in this three-hour lecture by Etienne Augé, as students explore the ideas and complexities of popular science fiction productions. “I just realised how relevant science fiction is when it comes to understanding the world.”

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Enjoy a cinematic experience in the lecture Science Fiction and Media

By watching Dune, Fahrenheit 451 and Brazil, students learn how science fiction is a…

Damaged or enriched? In the Aesthetics Lecture at Depot Boijmans, students discuss aftermath of the peanut-butter platform incident, post-modernism, and philosophy within the art world.

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Philosophy students delve into the art world at Depot Boijmans

Students get to analyse, amongst other things, the Peanut-Butter Platform by Wim T.…

Using many emojis, lecturer Jeroen Suijs explains the stages of sales bookkeeping and how to cater for unexpected bookkeeping situations, such as returns, late payments or failure to pay.

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During Accounting lectures, economics students learn what companies do when you return your order

Students learn about the balance entries that require correction when changes are made…

Was the Round City of Baghdad an Islamic city? In this lecture, students  at the Erasmus University College receive an introduction on the political history of Islam, based on key historical buildings and events.

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At EUC, students learn about the complexities of Islam by studying historical buildings

The lecture, entitled Islam, a Political History, offers Erasmus University College…

In the Innovation Management lecture by lecturer Jasmien Khattab, business students took a quiz which served to test the knowledge they had acquired. Student Max won and was rewarded with a bag of chocolate coins.

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Student wins chocolate coins in quiz during Innovation Management lecture

Business students were given a quiz to test their knowledge of innovation strategies.…

Erasmus University College students attend their first anatomy lecture at Erasmus MC, where they first see all types of human bones. Students examined the spinal column, though some felt uncomfortable by the presence of preserved human bodies.

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In anatomy lectures, students work with real bones

In the Anatomy lecture by Tom Ruigrok, students are examining the spinal column and…

Students and researchers at the International Institute of Social Studies discuss the power system and coloniality in art. “Universality is a Western narrative. With it, the West determines what is beautiful and what is not.”

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ISS students learn about colonial power in art during lecture Decoloniality

In the lecture Decoloniality, ISS students strip down colonial power relations in art.…

At the radiology department of Erasmus MC, Marketing Management master’s students have their own brains scanned and examined. Over fifty enthusiastic students analyse brain activity when exposed to stimuli such as commercials.

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Neuromarketing students slide into fMRI machine to examine their own brain

During the Neuromarketing lecture, Master's students in Marketing Management have their…

How realistic is the representation of people with autism in popular culture? With lecturer Aleksandra Badura, Students at Erasmus University College discuss the biological and social aspects of autism during the lecture Genes, Brains and Society.

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Sheldon Cooper and Sherlock Holmes are not actually good representations of people with autism, EUC students learn

Students at Erasmus University College discuss the biological and social aspects of…

From the perspective of an ex-con, students  get first-hand experience of the criminal world at this four-hour-long Criminology lecture. “We didn’t want to hurt them at all, we just wanted the money!”

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From drug deals to violent robbery: ex-con tells his life story in lecture Criminal career

Criminology students learn why someone would commit crimes, with an ex-convict as guest…

On a hot summer day, Philosophy students question Hannah Arendt’s views on education in a Philosophy and Practice lecture.

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‘So she was in favour of racial segregation?’ Philosophy students take a closer look at Hannah Arendt

Philosophy students reflect on Hannah Arendt’s views on education in a Philosophy and…

Students use electroencephalography in their Electrophysiology class to measure their brain activity. “Oops, sorry – I’ve overdone it with the gel!”

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Students play around with gel and stick electrodes on each other during Electrophysiology practical

Students use electroencephalography in their Electrophysiology class to measure their…

Through the AI and societal impact lecture series, students explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various aspects of life. Guest lecturer Claartje ter Hoeven talks about exploitation on the digital labour market.

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Who cleanses your social media feed? Students learn about digital exploitation in a lecture on artificial intelligence

Through the AI and societal impact lecture series, students explore the impact of…

In the final seminar of Fashion Media, students present their assignments, from an exhibition on fashionable criminals to a podcast about the influence of social media on beauty ideals among young people. “This course has changed my consumption behaviour.”

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Is it ethical to portray criminals as fashionable? Students come up with the craziest ideas in Fashion Media seminar

In the final seminar of Fashion Media, students present their assignments, from an…

In the lecture Neuroscience of EverythingErasmus University College students learn about the anatomy of brains. “I became interested in everything to do with the brain because of my ex.”


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‘This feels like jelly.’ EUC students dissect calf brains

In the lecture Neuroscience of Everything, Erasmus University College students learn…

In the Advertising and Communication lecture, Marketing students learn strategies to influence and persuade people. “Requests can backfire. Sometimes, it’s better not to say anything.”

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How to cut in line? Marketing students learn how to persuade people

In the Advertising and Communication lecture, Marketing students learn strategies to…

During the lecture Migration, citizenship and identity in a globalising world, history students think about the best way to recruit an army if war were to break out in their non-existent country, Utopia. “If I were called up for service, I would definitely do it. I won’t be chased out of my country.”

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History students face dilemma over conscription: ‘Sending people to war is actually unacceptable’

During the lecture Migration, citizenship and identity in a globalising world, history…

In the lecture Economics of Arts and Culture, students learn why the cost of admission to art performances rises quicker than the price of items like clothing. “As an artist, I never really get paid well for my performances. Sometimes, it actually costs me money to perform.”

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Why are concert tickets getting pricier? Students delve into the concept of cost disease in the art world.

In the lecture Economics of Arts and Culture, students learn why the cost of admission to…

How can we safeguard the rights of people with disabilities and where do we draw the line when it comes to self-determination for this group? These are the central questions in André den Exter’s International Health Law course. “This course give me a broader view of the law.”

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Can you make contraception mandatory for psychiatric patients? Students learn about the health rights of people with disabilities

How can we safeguard the rights of people with disabilities and where do we draw the line…