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In order to compensate the generation of students attending Dutch universities between 2015 and 2018, too, for the loss of their grants, universities promised to allocate considerable amounts from their own resources to projects designed to improve the quality of their degree programmes: the so-called ‘advance spending’.

As part of this research project, EM, in association with the editorial teams of several other university media, tried to figure out how those millions of euros were spent, and to what extent they actually improved the degree programmes taught at Dutch tertiary education institutes.



Allocation of 40 percent of the abolished student grants is still unclear

One in three universities and higher education institutes does not yet have an approved…


In search of millions, buried between promises and practices

In een serie onderzoeksverhalen zoeken we, samen met andere hogeronderwijsmedia, voor je…

Part 2

How the hundreds of millions of euros from the basic student grant evaporated within five years

The introduction of the loan system was offset by the promise of hundreds of millions for…

Openingbasisbeurs (EM)

Part 3

This is how your basic grant died

These days it is nothing out of the ordinary for students to accumulate large debts. For…



This is what Erasmus University has been doing with your basic grant

In 2015, the basic grant disappeared and universities promised to invest extra in…

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Part 4

Pre-investments: a recipe for failure

Due to pre-investments, the first students without basic grant should've gotten better…

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Part 5

How the number of international students doubled and the basic grant millions evaporated

Students who lost their basic grant would get better education in return. Fewer massive…

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Part 6

Students having input on what to do with the millions from the basic grant was great in theory

Students got input on how to spend the millions saved from the abolition of the basic…

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Part 7

Got a bad plan? The money will turn up anyway; how it might all go wrong again with the abolished student grant millions

Administrators who think they have to jump through hoops, inspectors who fail to check…

Altan Erdogan, Henk Strikkers, Laura ter Steege and Yvonne van de Meent contributed to this series. The Dutch Journalism Fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek) helped fund the research.