Rotterdam celebrates the 75th anniversary of its reconstruction this year. The city’s skyline and image have changed a great deal during these 75 years. Erasmus Magazine is publishing a special on Rotterdam to give you a better idea of what the city is like today.

During the past few years, Rotterdam has morphed from a drab grey industrial city into a place with plenty of innovation and opportunities. And that’s why EM has written a special theme issue about the city in order to find out more about Rotterdam students’ experiences and the opportunities for start-ups. You can also read more about residents’ and outsiders’ views on this famous second city.

Our investigations

What do students think of their city? What activities do they join in besides their study programmes? Do they feel safe in Rotterdam? EM held a survey among more than 250 students to find out how they experience Rotterdam. Our investigations show that one out of every 8 students is a victim of crime, but 66% of the students now have a more positive opinion of the city than before.

Outlook on Rotterdam

Everyone has their own views on Rotterdam. Photographer Peter Elenbaas and urban historian Paul van de Laar give a unique portrayal of the Netherlands’ second city. You can read about Rotterdam’s right to exist as a second city as well. How does our port city fit in on the list of similar cities like Manchester and Marseille? This article gives a unique view of Rotterdam’s identity and its incredible resilience.

Start-up city

As a City of Innovation, Rotterdam definitely has a lot to offer people wanting to start their own business. Where can you take all your brilliant ideas, and what steps should you take in order to become the next huge success story? EM helps all the budding Mark Zuckerbergs in Rotterdam to get off the ground with this start-up course!