How is the music industry doing in COVID-times? What is it like for musicians not to be able to play physically in front of an audience for over a year? Do live streams offer a solution? When do we expect to be able to go to concerts again? And will the industry survive this umpteenth setback after the world switched to downloading and streaming services earlier? So, what is the future of music?

With among others:

Julian Schaap is Assistant Professor Sociology of Music at Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) and researches, among other things, what music can mean in dealing with feelings and has immersed himself in music livestreams in the past year.

Femke Vandenberg is PhD Candidate at ESHCC. Her research primarily focuses on the collective experience of live music for people from different social backgrounds. Recently she has shifted her attention to the online world, looking at how audiences engage with livestreamed music.

Pauwke Berkers is Associate Professor at ESHCC and focuses on race/ethnicity and gender inequality in arts and music. Together with Frank Kimenai (external PhD Candidate) he received a research grant for research on the future of the music industry.
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