NIET HERGEBRUIKEN IM Eva Meuwissen overleden

Eva left behind her parents (Johan and Mirjam), her sisters (Fabienne and Zoe), and her dear dog (Gus). Together they would like to share their thoughts and feelings with whoever reads this.

There are simply not enough words to describe such a terrible loss. Eva was bright, creative (instagam: @art4evarrr), genuine, sportive, thoughtful, and full of passion.

Eva had just started at the Erasmus University College of Rotterdam. She said “This is my dream! I love the diversity of this study. I would like to do something with Neuroscience or Sustainability and maybe I will start with a dual degree at the “Willem de Kooning” Art Academy, something with Illustration!” She visualized her dreams, future and was excited to make it all happen. Her passion for running turned into action at EUR Roadrunners.

Unfortunately, the mental illness that she had overcome so well the year before, took hold of her again. This time Eva was unable to win this unfair fight.

Her high school friends (Zoë, Cato, and Feija) have turned their grief into action and have started a fundraiser for Stichting 113. In honor of Eva, they created an Instagram account dedicated to raising awareness of depression and suicide. If you would like to contribute to their fundraiser please do so here. You can follow their Instagram account @birds2paradise.

We have always known Eva was a very special person and we are proud she has touched so many lives in so many ways. We will miss her enormously, but she will always stay with us and we will treasure all the beautiful memories.

Eva formed close and strong connections during her short time at EUC. A few of her friends wanted to share some thoughts.

Eva was a sunshine. She was kind, energetic and a lot of fun to talk to and to do sports with. We trained together at EUR Roadrunners and she always motivated me to take on a new challenge. I have only known her for a short time, but I miss her a lot.” –Jade Meijssen

“Eva and I had both attended the [EUC] open day, where we were placed in the same group. We spent the entire evening talking and doing the tours together. I was struck by how sweet she was. When I went home, I told my parents about my day and I didn’t leave our meeting out. Flash forward to this year, we met one of the first days at Lucia. A week or so passes and I start to realize that she looks familiar. Finally, we concluded that we in fact already met before. We started to hang out more after and eventually became good friends. Eva was truly one of the kindest people I have ever met, and I will miss her incredibly.” -Nuria Mainer Millán

“Eva and I [first] met in the Dutch basic school in Singapore. She was the first person I considered to be my best friend. As time went on both of us moved from country to country and, because of our young age, we lost touch. About twelve years later, we coincidently chose to both attend EUC and reconnected. As many people do, I felt homesick and lonely in my first few weeks away from home. When I had dinner or tea with Eva, I felt more at home. Eva’s light shone so bright, she made me feel better when I was down, and she was someone who I knew I could always talk to.  Eva, I wish you could have found the light that you yourself shined so bright. I miss you and think about you every day.  All my love goes out to Mirjam, Johan, Fabienne and Zoe, I will always cherish the memories I made with your daughter and sister.” -Nayonika van Witzenburg

EUC will hold a virtual, candlelit memorial service for Eva on 19 February 2021. Together Eva’s family, staff and students will come together to celebrate Eva’s life and memory. Our heartfelt condolences and good wishes go out to Eva’s family and loved ones.

-Erasmus University College