Erasmus Magazine: 2

Erasmus Magazine is 20 years old! So it’s party time. Coincidentally, This is also the very last paper edition of Erasmus Magazine. Starting January, EM will no longer appear on paper (but we keep going online!)

In this edition:

  • 20 years of EM in a nutshell, from (lack of) emancipation of women to Tariq Ramadan.
  • 2020 is my year, with PhD student Reinout van der Veer, professor Manfred Kayser and rower Marieke Keijzer.
  • When I was 20: columns of editors about their student life in the 80s, 90s and 00s.
  • Five 20-year-old experts speak about the future of paper and online.
  • 20 years of higher education policy according to cartoonist Bas van der Schot.
  • 20 years later: how are the people doing that had a story in the EM twenty years ago?
  • Rebus: win gift vouchers of 20 euros!
  • 20 years in 20 special photos