Niet alle kandidaten hebben een foto of een Nederlandse versie van hun motivatie ingeleverd bij het Centrale Verkiezingsbureau. In sommige gevallen hebben ze zelfs niets ingeleverd. De kandidaatprofielen zijn gesorteerd op basis van volledigheid. In het belang van de democratie toont EM de Engelse versies op de plekken waar een Nederlandse mist.

Julie van Putten

Julie van Putten



In my personal experience I have encountered a wide arrange of problems within our university concerning communication. On the one hand I miss important information about minors and exchange programmes. On the other hand I receive an overload of uninteresting emails about a malfunctioning radiator on the first floor of the Sanders building. Right now we know nothing, and everything at the same time! And more often than it should that situation has negative consequences; people can’t do their finals, aren’t able to do the minor they wanted or find any information about anything on the university website(s). I believe these are fundamental problems imbedded in the way the Erasmus communicates with students and I want to change it. So let’s change that.


S. Polat


Dear students from the faculty of Social and Behavioral sciences,

First of all thank you for considering me to be elected as a member of the student council. As a student I aspire to make the best out of my student time and believe that you want the same as well. Besides fulfilling my student obligations as a second year in BSc Psychology, I am willing to partake proactively to make this happen for all of us. I want to be your voice in the student council and strive to create a healthier environment for the student body. Although Erasmus University is great, there is always room for improvement. Especially when it comes to study areas and opening hours. How often do you go around in your finals week just to waste your precious time for no study place? Perhaps you want to have better access to study material or you may find the assessment and examination process not transparent enough. Change for the better is always good! Why not excel right? If elected I want to work on these and many more in order to increase students contentment. I want to promote justice, equality and a healthier environment. The wellbeing of a student is my priority and is important for well-functioning society. Saying all of this, I believe that if we put our creative minds together, we can make anything happen, hence I endeavour to be your voice and represent you to the best of my capabilities. Together we can make change and I quote; limitations live only in our minds, but if we use our imagionations, our possibilities become limitless.

Florence Schaatsbergen


Hello fellow students!

This year, Louise from University College did everything she could to work on sustainability in the university. She laid out a basis for the next university council to continue with this goal. I’m Florence Schaatsbergen. I combine international relations and history in University College and learned that change is always possible, as long as people are working for it. So I would love to continue with Louise’s work on the sustainability of the campus.

Also, I value the authenticity and personal development/chances of students. Therefore, I find it important that the university aims to support students in their personal journey as well as their academic one.

If you think these two topics are just as important as I, then please vote for me for the council!

With regards,

Florence Schaatsbergen

P.L. Litvinaite

(niets aangeleverd)

Stemmen kan van 18 tot en met 25 april via Op de eerste en laatste dag van de verkiezingen kun je ook stemmen bij de kraam van de Universiteitsraad in de hal van het Theilgebouw (C).

Wil je als kandidaat toch nog informatie of een foto aanleveren, mail dan naar [email protected].