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The correct answers

1/10: In more and more games, computers outperform humans. In the nineties, humans were already beaten in chess, but now, in even more complicated games humans lose. In what game are humans still winning (until now)?

Correct answer: DOTA 2

2/10: Now that all our fossil energy sources like oil and gas are running out, people start to look for other energy sources. Researchers found a new natural source for biomass-gas. What source?*

Correct answer: Seaweed

3/10: There are a lot of myths about the second child in a family: it’s supposed to be more spoiled than the first child, and more creative. But according to science, what is a real difference between the first and second child?

Correct answer: Level of IQ

4/10: There are a lot of new methods developed in Rotterdam to help people against sexual intimidation on the streets. What method is NOT currently issued?

Correct answer: Handing out whistles

5/10: On the square in front of the campus supermarket, you can read the quote ‘Van de verdeling komt de winst’ (‘Profit results from sharing’). Which scientist, who also gave his name to one of the campus buildings, was the author of this quote?*

Correct answer: Tinbergen

6/10: Stephen Billion, a researcher at Erasmus University, discovered that some groups of people perform better on the stock market than others. Which of the following groups performed best, according to Billion?

Correct answer: Women

7/10: In 2017, biologist Peter de Keizer from Erasmus MC became world news when he discovered what exactly?*

Correct answer: How to reverse the aging process in mice

8/10: Which organ regulates the temperature of a human body?*

Correct answer: Hypothalamus

9/10: A new study on slave trade Philip Hans Franses and dr. Wilco van den Heuvel from Erasmus School of Economics calculated how many slaves died during transport on Dutch transports. What percentage died during the trip?

Correct answer: 18.3 per cent

10/10: Up until 2006, Pluto was considered the 9th and most remote planet of our solar system. In 2006, the term ‘planet’ was formally defined and Pluto was relegated to the status of dwarf planet. Why?*

Correct answer: It wasn’t able to clear its neighbourhood