The correct answers

1) The student corps RSC/RVSV was punished in January for abuses during the hazing ritual, after television program Rambam infiltrated an ‘undercover freshman’. How did the former rector magnificus Huib Pols feel after he was confronted with the revelations by Rambam?

The correct answer: Betrayed

2) In February students started a lawsuit against Nominal = normal, the principle that you have to get all your credits in your first year to be allowed to continue. According to the students, N = N was in violation of the law. How did this lawsuit work out?

The correct answer: The judge decided that N = N is not in violation of the law, but the minister still called for N = N to be abolished.

3) At a society building of one the student associations, things went completely off the rails in February. While construction work was done near the building, a crane toppled over and crashed its way through the roof of the building. At which association did this small disaster occur?

The correct answer: Laurentius

4) More association sorrow in March: this time with the people from EUCSA (the students of the Erasmus University College) as victim in a leading role. What went wrong?

The correct answer: A large sum of money was stolen

5) The Erasmus University regularly makes the news when it comes to the number of female professors we have here, which is very low. What statement did RSM dean Steef van de Velde have in May about the low percentage of female professors in his faculty?

The correct answer: ‘We are all chasing the same women’

6) In May, the Erasmus School of Economics and the Erasmus School of Law got into a small confrontation with the Executive Board. What was going on?

The correct answer: The faculties had illegally hung a banner on the Sanders building

7) In August, EM started the hunt for room scammers. Undercover we approached all kinds of landlords, including those of an apartment on the Dordtselaan 245b. But what went wrong when we actually tried renting the apartment?

The correct answer: All answers are correct

8) On September 1, 522 students started the study International Business Administration, a bachelor of the Rotterdam School of Management. How many students had initially registered for the study?

The correct answer: 1878

9) In October Hanneke Takkenberg said goodbye after three years as the first Chief Diversity Officer of Erasmus University. With EM she looked back at that period. What example of a woman-unfriendly event at Erasmus University did Takkenberg talk about during the interview?

The correct answer: Men were playing darts on a photograph of a female colleague.

10) In October, the famous scientific journal Nature published a ‘world rankings’ with extremely prolific scientists: scientists who publish articles at a remarkably fast pace. The threshold to be on the list was at least one article every five days, for at least one entire calendar year. Which faculty was present on the list with not fewer than nine scientists, more than any other institution in the world?

The correct answer: Erasmus MC

11) A large survey of EM in November showed that many EUR students sometimes use drugs: a whopping 57 percent! Which faculty is most addicted?

The correct answer: Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

12) In December, a long-cherished dream of many EUR students was fulfilled: the university plans to reserve study places exclusively for its own students (and therefore not for hbo students and students). Students have been experiencing a shortage of places for years. How many (official) study places are there on Woudestein campus?

The correct answer: 2600