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In this special we’ll have for you: eight tips from an expert to find a student room quickly, Rotterdam’s best pubs reviewed, a personality quiz to determine which pidgeonhole you’ll be in on campus, the absolutely necessary Dutch words for your stay in the Netherlands and the entire Eurekaweek programme.


Or do you want to know the best kept secrets of the campus?


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The secret campus

EM can be like an older brother – telling you the go-to places for cheap grub, easy…

Started studying and no room yet? We give you the best, sometimes unexpected tips to get a room quickly.


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Tips for finding a room in Rotterdam

Eight tips for first-year students looking for student houses in Rotterdam.

Although you won’t need a lot of Dutch in everyday life in the Netherlands, some words are worth learning. Practice your grgh, find out how to order the best food and learn to swear like a real Rotterdammer!

welkom nieuwe studenten eurekaweek

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11 Dutch words you’ll need to learn as an international student in Rotterdam

Quiz! Practice your grgh, find out how to order the best food and learn to swear like a…

Do you have a room already, but don’t you really know your way around Rotterdam and are you looking for a nice pub to meet your new friends? Then look at Pubs of Rotterdam, where EM’s pub connoisseur Eric Oosterom has rated all the pubs for your convenience.

de stoep cafe kroegrecensie foto amber leijen (4)

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Pubs of Rotterdam

The good and not so good pubs of Rotterdam

So many students, so many prejudices. And when it will be getting busy on campus in September, you will see a lot of recognizable types over. But what type will you be? Come find out in our personality quiz before your fellow students tell you themselves.

de voorzitter

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What type of student are you?

Take our personality quiz – so you know exactly which niche to settle into after 1…

Below you will find the entire Eurekaweek 2017 program. Also please download the Eurekaweek app (Android, iPhone) for the latest news during the week, provided by Erasmus Magazine.


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Eurekaweek 2017

The Eurekaweek 2017 kicked off on Sunday 20 August with the International Day and ended…