Paralympic rower Amber Meulenbeld: ‘It is unexpected, but I have really found my passion in rowing’

Amber Meulenbeld (20, research master Health Sciences at Erasmus MC) has always combined her studies with sports. Until two years ago, when a neurologist diagnosed a brain disorder. “My optic nerve is no longer functioning.” She did not sit still, finished her bachelor, and soon rowed in Tokyo for the Dutch Paralympic team.


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On the road to Tokyo: The sporting career of para-rower Amber is on the up

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Top hockey player Marloes Keetels: 'In Rio it felt like we gave it away'

Marloes Keetels (26, master Business Administration) postponed her thesis to take home the gold from Tokyo this year. “I wanted that golden medal last time, but now ten times more.”

marloes keetels hockey nederlands team foto koen suyk

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On the road to Tokyo: hockey player Marloes Keetels now really wants that gold medal

EM follows four students on their way to Tokyo 2020. Part 2: top hockey star and Business…

Hockey star Malou Pheninckx wants to crown her return in the National Team with gold

In 2016, Malou Pheninckx (28, Medicine) decided to try again to achieve success in the National Team. The female hockey players haven’t lost a tournament since. She has now postponed her internships, and she’s only thinking about winning in Tokyo. “Maybe a few years later I can think: whatever happens, I went to the Olympics. But this summer I’m only satisfied with gold.”


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The road to Tokyo: will Malou Pheninckx be on the national hockey team or not?

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Rower Marieke Keijser moved to Amsterdam for her Olympic dream

Marieke Keijser (22, bachelor Health Policy Management) sacrificed a lot to defend the Olympic gold of the Dutch female rowing team in Tokyo. “I think rowing is great fun, but maybe after the Games I will go to Rotterdam for a year to recharge. Or two years.”

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On the road to Tokyo: rower Marieke Keijser will only settle for gold

EM is following five students in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Part 4: rower…

The corona crisis throws a spanner in the works for water polo player Iris Wolves

Water polo player and Health Law student Iris Wolves finally dared to dream of participating in the Olympics, but they are canceled. She had found her way in the Dutch team since a year. “Being able to dream about Olympic gold, how beautiful is that?”

iris wolves op weg naar tokio

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On the road to Tokyo: ‘It’s very weird to no longer know what you’re doing it for’

EM was following five students on their journey towards Tokyo 2020, but the Olympics have…

'The entire year was centred on Tokyo'

Malou, Amber and Marloes are also disappointed that the Olympics had to be postponed. But besides the disappointment and the doubt, there is also a lot of understanding. “These are strange days for the rest of society too, of course, but it’s good and completely justified that we see public health as our number one priority. Everyone’s life has been up-ended, their work situations are completely different and people are facing an uncertain future.”


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These students were forced to put their Olympic dreams on hold: ‘My entire year was centred on Tokyo’

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