“Show, don’t tell!”; also when you write a blog.

Do you love to write blogs and want to learn some tips & tricks? Would you like to experience refreshing ideas and add more punch to your ‘stories’? Are you looking for ways to write more effectively? Yes, yes and yes? Then join this short course How To Write My Best Blog, and develop your writing skills.

One tip yet for free: Delete a lot!

Each week, we will discuss another element of writing a blog, such as the process of writing, focus on your target audience, writer perspective and vivid writing style.  To add to the fun, we will also be practicing writing games.

Special questions?
Any learning question you have in advance, please tell your teacher and she can try to incorporate your wishes. Your teacher will be Edith Nijhof, former student at the EUR and now a professional text writer and teacher Dutch Language and Creative Writing.

More information
Date: Wednesday 7 untill 28 March 2018
Time: 16.00-18.30 hours
Location: Campus Woudestein – Erasmus University

Course fee
Students: €40,-
Employee: €55,-
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Note: only accessible for students and employees of Erasmus University

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