Pluralism is a concept that embraces variety of thought in economics and critical thinking. Already in 1992, prominent economists (including Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen) published a worried statement in the American Economic Review. They called for “a new spirit of pluralism in economics, involving critical conversation and tolerant communication between different approaches. Such pluralism should not undermine the standards of rigor; economics that requires itself to face all the arguments will be a more, not a less, rigorous science.”

Have you ever felt like economics was too narrow, inward-looking and poorly applied to real-world economics? Then, this workshop was designed for you! If not, we still would like to welcome you to join us! At Rethinking Economics we strive for diversity of thought and are open-minded and respectful towards others’ view points, strengthened in the humble awareness that no one has a monopoly on the truth.

Are you interested in knowing more about pluralism before the event? Feel free to give a look at the resources available on our website & Economics Education.

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