Workshop 1:

In this workshop you’re going to research if your message is aligned with what you physically display. You can see this as a way to research your own learned behaviour and as a way to make your speech and body language work together more.

Participants of this workshop are given a number of skills, which they can apply to their daily work or study life.

Workshop 2:

Using character strenghts in teaching – maximize student engagement and accomplishment by discovering what kind of lecturer you are and practising skills.

  • Discover what type of lecturer you are
    ·  What skills do you need and practise them
    ·  Varying in teaching methods and ways of communicating
    ·  Communicating with large groups
    ·  Using metaphors
    ·  Interaction

Workshop 3:

Teamwork and meetings – how to position yourself, make yourself heard and convince others.

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