This is a silent march for the woman being harassed in the club who ‘just had to get over it’. We march for the woman walking with her young child who hears the words “where’s the father, I can play daddy”.

We march for the woman who is afraid to wear a skirt, even when it is 30 degrees outside. We march for the woman who did not want it, for the woman who said “NO”.

A silent march for the woman without a voice. A silent walk for the woman that is not being heard.

This march is for all women who at one point lost a part of themselves as a result of sexual intimidation, sexual violence or who are not as free to express themselves as others and for EVERYONE (male or female) who stands in solidarity with these women.

On Tuesday 31 July, we march from Rotterdam Central Station to the Esch out of solidarity for all women and young girls who experienced, are experiencing and possible will experience this at some point in their lives.

More information about the march can be found on the facebook page of the event.