From our foraging hunter-gatherer ancestors to the enormous appetites of modern cities, food has shaped our bodies and homes, our politics and trade, and our climate. Whether it’s the daily decision of what to eat, or the monopoly of industrial food production, food touches every part of our world. But by forgetting its value, we have drifted into a way of life that threatens our planet and ourselves. Yet food remains central to addressing the predicaments and opportunities of our urban, digital age.

Wednesday, 2nd November

at De Fruitvis (Marconistraat 43, Rotterdam).

Start 20:00

Tickets are on sale at the website of De Dépendance (reduced fee of €6 for students)

The program is moderated by science journalist Geert Maarse and in English.

The program is organized by De Dépendance and powered by the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.