Rotterdam is a young and challenging city. The variety of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds translates to differences in health. Knowledge about these differences help the vulnerable groups in Rotterdam to give better opportunities. In Rotterdam, thousands of children have been participating in the unique worldwide research for more than 15 years on growth, development and health. These children are followed in detail from their beginning of time in the womb.

Vincent Jaddoe is Pediatrician and Professor of Pediatrics – Epidemiology at the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital. He has been involved in Generation R since 1999 and has been a scientific project leader since 2006.

The presentation will elaborate on the background and execution of the project, as well as the meaning of the results for Rotterdam children are discussed. Also, the new and globally unique Generation R Next project will be presented, in which women have been followed, starting before the pregnancy took place.


Location: Bistro Bar Binnenrotte, Hoogstraat 110, Rotterdam
Time: 19:30