In recent years, research into the biology and history of emotions has increased enormously in popularity. How did our ancestors look at emotions? How has the view on emotions changed throughout history and what do we see in art and literature? In this Science Café, Heleen Pott, Socrates Professor of Philosophy at the Erasmus University, will discuss these questions with us.

About Heleen Pott

Heleen Pott studied philosophy, sociology and literature at the University of Amsterdam, after which she graduated cum laude from the same university on philosophical emotion theories. Since then she has been teaching at the University of Maastricht, among others, and in 1999 she has been appointed Socrates professor (special professor) at the Erasmus University (Philosophy and Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication). In addition to her role as a teacher and researcher, she has written many books and articles for both national magazines such as Trouw and NRC Handelsblad and scientific journals.