Based on 27 years of history in childhood lung diseases, Professor Tiddens will discuss a number of issues in the current care for chronically ill patients at the Science Café. He will discuss the role that AI can play in solving these problems. Central to this is the question to what extent AI will determine the role of the physician in the years to come.

After his medical exam in 1985, Harm Tiddens (1956) followed a pediatrician course in Utrecht. In 1994 he completed his training as a child lung doctor at the Erasmus MC-Sophia where he has been working as a staff member ever since. In 1998 he obtained his PhD for research into the relationship between lung structure and lung function. Since 2007 he has an honorary appointment at the department of radiology with which he collaborates on the development of CT and MRI protocols and image analysis techniques to measure lung damage. In 2009 he was appointed Professor of Child Pulmonary Diseases. He is a visiting professor at the University of Western Australia and Ningxia University (China).

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