The hackathon is designed to address a pressing problem. Data privacy, also known as information privacy, is a branch of data protection concerned with the proper handling of sensitive data. Concerns about data privacy revolve around whether and how data is shared with third parties and how data is legally collected or stored and used.

The Turing Tech Days Datathon aims to generate new ideas and solutions to address these problems.

The event is being organised by Turing Students Rotterdam (TSR), in collaboration with Turing College, to establish meaningful interactions between students and companies. The datathon is part of the EU Smart Initiative, which is bringing together seven partner organisations across the EU to run seven different hackathons to address specific (social) challenges Europe is facing.

The datathon will start off with a debate moderated and rated by a jury panel of professionals in the field. A range of experienced professionals from organisations including Microsoft, Fox IT, TNO and Radically Open Security will be educating the hackathon’s participants by speaking on the subject. Additionally, there will be (in)formal workshops and networking sessions. During the three days, participants will work in groups to find a solution to a case as proposed by TSR.

The datathon is available to all students and individuals in the Netherlands and it is a unique chance to learn about Data Privacy from experts and to grow your network by connecting with tech companies.

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