Unintelligible: you deliver quality research, your students love you, your colleagues want you to stay and yet you have to leave. For years the use of temporary contracts has been the standard personnel policy in the academic world. It’s a waste of valuable talent, it increases the already abnormally high work pressure, fuels mutual competition and creates social insecurity. Talented staff are sent away time and again, forcing them to travel from university to university like nomads.

Opening Academic Year: cycling tour on 31 August

During the opening of the Academic Year we cycle the ‘Tour of Academics’ between universities. Cycle a part of the route or wave your dismissed colleagues goodbye. Get moving because you’re forced to go (again) to the next temporary appointment or to support your colleagues with temporary appointments.

Together with WOinActie and FNV we’ll fight for the real recognition and appreciation of university staff!

Of course we will follow the guidelines regarding the coronavirus at all locations and during the bikingtour.

One of the tours will go from Leiden University (start at 10:30) via TU Delft (start at 12:30) to campus Woudestein (arrival at 14:00). More information and sign up.