In the Gallery of Honour, 99 photos tell the story of photography in the Netherlands from 1842 to the present day. The Gallery starts off by showing the earliest examples of photographs, known as daguerreotypes, and showcases work by dozens of photographers who explored boundaries, developed new techniques, and brought about innovation – from black and white images to colour photography and the digital age. Through six time periods, the visitor is taken through the fascinating development of 180 years of photography.

During a tour of the exhibition the spotlight will be turned of a couple of photographs, but there will be enough time to look at the rest of this and the other exhibitions.

The tour will be English spoken and only accessible for EUR-students.

More information:

  • Date: Thursday 4 November
  • Time: 15.00-17.00hrs (meet up time 14.45hrs)
  • Location: Nederlands Fotomuseum, Statendam 1 (Wilhelminapier)
  • Entrance: €5,-
  • No CoronaCheck app needed for visiting the museum