Prof. Sanneke de Haan is Socrates Professor Psychiatry and Philosophy at the Erasmus School of Philosophy and Erasmus Medical Center. Her research focuses on philosophy of psychiatry, phenomenology and authenticity. Sanneke is currently working on the project: ‘Is it me or my disorder?’, investigating self-illness ambiguity in psychiatry.

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About Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman:
Adapted from Haruki Murakami’s short stories, Pierre Földes’ animated debut feature Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman sketches the lives of three Tokyo residents thrown into a whirlpool of anxiety and introspection following the 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan.

Dazed by televised reports of the disaster, Kyoko leaves her husband Komura to pursue a strange event that took place on her twentieth birthday. To make sense of her sudden disappearance, a stunned Komura drifts across the country from one acquaintance to another. Meanwhile, his elderly colleague, the timid Katagiri, is visited by a six-foot frog that seeks his help to combat an underground monster and prevent an impending catastrophe.

More information:

  • Date: Wed 1 Feb
  • Time: 19.00hr
  • Location: Cinerama 1, Westblaak 18, Rotterdam


Organized by Studium Generale and IFFR