However, Taiwan has found creative ways to build connections without official recognition, using NGOs and trade alliances. In the theater, where illusion and representation reign, the question arises: how do you portray Taiwan on stage? What symbols – flags, anthems, rituals – capture its essence in the contemporary world?

In This Is Not an Embassy (Made in Taiwan), Stefan Kaegi brings together diverse voices, including a retired ambassador, a digital activist and even someone from a bubble tea company, to explore Taiwan’s quest for identity and recognition on the world stage.

”For those living in Taiwan, this is an intimate and authentic drama. For those still unfamiliar with Taiwan, this play offers an opportunity to understand that Taiwan is not just the frontline of the new Cold War or “the most dangerous place on Earth.”

(Review: by Joshua WangOpens external | Jun 14, 2024 | Politics and SocietyOpens external)

Concept and direction: Stefan Kaegi
Stefan Kaegi creates documentary theater pieces.Using research, public auditions and conceptual processes, he often gives a voice to ‘experts’ who are not trained actors, but do have something to say.

Date: Saturday 28 September
Time: 21:00 – 22:30
Location: Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburgplein 25

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