It is conventional wisdom to assume that Republicans are wrong on most issues. But is this really true? The Democrats have become more radicalized in the culture wars. President Biden wants Americans to talk about pregnancy in gender-neutral terms (“pregnant people” is preferred over “pregnant women”). Google has taken the egg out of the salad emoji to not offend vegans. And despite the major divisions over race, racism has actually declined over the past thirty years if you look at the facts.

The question is whether it is even possible to heal divisions in a country where politics has become entertainment. The presidency is a totally different job since TV made its introduction into households in the 1950s. Fox News and CNN cover complex policy disagreements the same way as a boxing match.

Victor Vlam is an expert on US politics. He has worked for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. He has written two books about Donald Trump. And he regularly appears on radio and television (NOS, RTL, SBS) to comment on American politics.

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