Do researchers have to engage more with society, tackling real-world problems, or should they stick with publishing in top journals? And how to reconcile one’s position as an independent scientist with more personal and value-laden opinions? And how does this relate to safety of scientists as private persons? How does academic freedom relate to this, what do we mean by it and what forms of protection does the university offers you? Is it the scientist’s responsibility to disseminate his/her knowledge as widely as possible, or might that possibly be harmful to the objectivity of, and belief in, science?

A conversation with amongst others:

– Prof. Annelien Bredenoord (rector Magnificus)

– Prof. Ronald van Raak (Professor of Erasmian Values, ESPhil)

– Prof. Marion Koopmans (Professor of Virology, Erasmus MC)

– Dr. Yogi Hale Hendlin (Environmental Philosopher and Public Health Scientist, ESPhil)

Moderation: Geert Maarse

= Is it wise to participate in public discussions as a scientist, or is it your moral duty? =

More Information:

Date: Nov. 17th 2022, 15-17hr.

Location: Van der Goot M1-17 (Tokyo)

Free entrance, reservations recommended via [link]

This event is part of the Open & Responsible Science campaign on Engaged Research. For more information of all the other events, please visit [link].

The first Erasmus Open & Responsible Science Awards will be handed out to the winners in Open Research, Open Education and Societal Engagement during this event.