An orphaned girl Sophie Hart grew up in a city where the ambiance of theatre is felt in every corner. The surrounding dancers, singers, musicians, and actors made her believe that with the crowd’s applause comes the greatest liberty in life. Pursuing her long-lasting passion has brought Sophie into the spotlight of fame… but at what cost? In the place where being a slave to the industry’s demands is the only way to success, how does one find true freedom?

Join us in discovering the purest meaning of freedom together with the Cultural Student Associations of EUR:

  • The Erasmus Student Choir
  • WILDe Theatre
  • RISK Toneel
  • Rotterdam Student Orchestra
  • Erasmus Dance Society
  • Erasmus Music Association


More information:

  • Date: Friday 3 June
  • Time: 20.00 – 22.00 hours
  • Location: Erasmus Paviljoen


Ticket information:

  • Students: 3,50
  • Employees: 5,00
  • Other visitors: 7,50


Organized by The Cultural Platform, the Platform of the Cultural Student Associations of EUR