The 1619 Project is The New York Times Magazine’s award-winning reframing of American history that places slavery and its continuing legacy at the center of the countries’ national narrative. It offers a revealing new origin story for the United States, one that helps explain not only the persistence of anti-Black racism and inequality in American life today, but also the roots of so much of what makes the country unique.

The 1619 Project speaks directly to our current moment, contextualizing the systems of race and caste that still define so much of American life today. It reveals the hidden truths around America’s founding and construction—and the way that the legacy of slavery did not end with emancipation, but continues to shape contemporary American life. And it provides important lessons and insights in relation to our own Dutch colonial past.

When: 29 June 2023, 20:00 – 22:00

Where: Kantine Walhalla, Veerlaan 11, Rotterdam

Language: English

Tickets and more info: through this link