Table Talk is an open conversation between students on a present-day topic. This edition will focus on the reasons we travel, how this relates to our daily lives and the environmental and cultural implications.

Welcome to the beginning of the academic year, a time of reminiscing the breaks we took, the travels we made and slowly accepting another year of responsibilities and deadlines. We say goodbye to this period of sun and freedom by sharing our holiday adventures and looking longingly at pictures of the relaxed versions of ourselves. Sometimes it feels like life revolves around these holidays in which everything is experienced more fully and profoundly.

In our times every part of the world is accessible and travelling has become increasingly affordable by budget flights. Instead of going to the same campsite every year we want to see different and more remote parts of the world. But why is that? What role does travelling play in our lives? Are we collectively running away from something? Can we still justify our travelling knowing air travel and tourism has such a big environmental impact? And how do we relate to the cultures we encounter?

The world of travelling is full of ambiguities, needs and joy and therefore the topic of the first Table Talk of this season. Are you a travel lover, addict or critic? Come and join this talk. Subscribe and receive further information by email.

(Participating is free and includes a free lunch, registration is required)

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Date: Wednesday 12 September 2018
Time: 12.30 – 13.30 hrs
Location: Sanders L1-015, Woudestein campus
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Entrance: Free, including a free lunch. I join the talk!
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Do you feel the need to just talk freely with other students about recent developments, interesting topics or current events? To share thoughts and views with others from different disciplines and backgrounds? Studium Generale offers the possibility to talk, discuss and listen with fellow students on a regular basis.
Every session, our discussion will be centered on a central theme of which you do not have to have deep knowledge. It is meant as a casual but in-depth exploration of the topic, ourselves and the people around us.
The talks will be in English and moderated by Camie Karstanje, programme manager science of Studium Generale and herself a recent graduate (2015).