Table Talk is an open conversation between students on a present-day topic. This edition will focus on the Me Too hashtag that became trending one year ago, the discussion that followed and the changes that were made or demanded.

One year ago the hashtag Me Too went viral on social media and attempted to show the widespread occurrence of sexual assault and harassment. The hashtag followed soon after allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein were published in The New York Times. It was tweeted more than 200.000 times by the end of the day, and more than 500.000 times after the second day. On Facebook the hashtag was used by more than 4.7 million people in the first 24 hours.

In all cultures sexual assault occur and the revelations triggered discussions about the harassments as well as the best way to prevent and change. It also unchained a challenging discussion on power relations, puritanism and trial by media. What do you think has changed in this year? Did it encourage women and men to speak about their experiences? Did it help people to reflect on the way they act and relate? Did the Me Too movement become a witch-hunt? And has enough changed or is it changing into the wrong direction? Can we still innocently flirt after #MeToo? And do we need and want to give legal consent before having sex?

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Table Talk

Do you feel the need to just talk freely with other students about recent developments, interesting topics or current events? To share thoughts and views with others from different disciplines and backgrounds? Studium Generale offers the possibility to talk, discuss and listen with fellow students on a regular basis.

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The talks will be in English and moderated by Camie Karstanje, programme manager science of Studium Generale and herself a recent graduate (2015).

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