Table Talk is an open conversation between students on a present-day topic. This edition will focus on dreaming big, reaching for a life in which we will “have it all”, but failing in achieving this. What are your resolution for the new year? And why do we always want a better, more interesting or different life than the one we have?

Spending more quality time with loved ones, drinking less, travelling more, finding that perfect job or girlfriend/boyfriend, finally losing those 10 pounds. At New Year’s many resolutions are made of which countless will fail in the months after. It is the one time a year we allow ourselves to dream big and publicly commit to improve ourselves. But what do we expect from ourselves and why? Do you feel pressure to do everything perfectly or enjoy every experience to the fullest? And what is it like to live in a society that shows off its success, wealth and beauty, while disappointments and failures are experienced much more privately?

Scrolling through your timeline on Facebook or Instagram there is plenty to envy. From that classmate that parties the hardest every weekend, to #fitgirls or your friend who is travelling the world. We constantly compare ourselves to people who seem to have the perfect life, or at least the life that we long for. How do you live a nice life? Is it sometimes better to just settle for something that is less than you’d hoped for? Should we stop seeking the optimal outcome? Or should we push ourselves to the fullest? Will we be satisfied if we finally “have it all”?

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Table Talk
Do you feel the need to just talk freely with other students about recent developments, interesting topics or current events? To share thoughts and views with others from different disciplines and backgrounds? Studium Generale offers the possibility to talk, discuss and listen with fellow students on a regular basis.

Every session, our discussion will be centered on a central theme of which you do not have to have background knowledge. It is meant as a casual but in-depth exploration of the topic, ourselves and the people around us.

The talks will be in English and moderated by Camie Karstanje, programme manager science of Studium Generale and herself a recent graduate (2015).

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Date: Wednesday 23 January
Time: 16.00 – 17.00 hours (Doors open : 15.45)
Location: Mandeville T3-40, Woudestein campus

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Entrance: free, registration required

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