Studio Erasmus is Erasmus University’s monthly talk show on science and current affairs. With interviews, talks and live music.

On Tuesday, 29 January 2019, during the special IFFR edition: Payal Arora about the blockbusterisation of popular culture.

The Erasmus University about current affairs and the latest academic research – that’s Studio Erasmus. Controversial, stimulating, but always academically justified. On Tuesday, 29 January, in Theater Rotterdam, the programme will include:

How does Netflix affect our film tastes? – Payal Arora and Filip Vermeylen about the impact of algorithms on popular culture. How do disruptive platforms like YouTube and Netflix restructure the film and television world? What does the disappearance of traditional ‘gatekeepers’ mean? And do we actually allow ourselves to be surprised in an age where our media use is analysed in so much detail to create new blockbusters?

How amusement improves the health of the functionally illiterate – Endowed professor of Entertainment Media and Social Change Martine Bouman about the power of priming: using TV series to highlight health issues for an audience that rarely reads information flyers.

The overdose in Pulp Fiction or the pot-smoking bike riders in Easy Rider: the combination of drugs and films has produced famous and notorious scenes. But do the effects actually correspond with the specific drug? Professor of Clinical Psychology Ingmar Franken fact checks legendary drug scenes.

Is the woman the new superhero or does the sex symbol frame still exist? Media expert Charlotte Dwyer about #MeToo, feminism on the big screen and the role of film classics in how we view ‘the woman’.

Live music by Bonno Geerse, who performs his unique interpretation of classical soundtracks on the piano.

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Date: Tuesday, 29 January 2019
Time: Doors open 8.00 p.m.
Location: Theater Rotterdam – Foyer Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Moderation: Geert Maarse

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Entrance: Free

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Studio Erasmus is a programme presented by Erasmus University, in partnership with Studium Generale, Vers Beton, Erasmus Magazine, Theater Rotterdam and International Film Festival Rotterdam. Also made possible by Erasmus Trust Fund.