The Students Against Corona Awards is a student-led initiative, aimed at supporting and connecting Dutch students who are inspired to solve the problems surrounding the impact of the corona crisis.

During a 2-week process, participants are prepared to shape, realise, and pitch their start-up ideas. Workshops given by industry experts, coaches with valuable insights, and a jury of professionals will ensure individuals are inspired throughout the two weeks. The winning initiatives are actively supported post-event, for maximum impact!

Are you a student and do you want to join us in working against the corona crisis? Then register for the Students Against Corona Awards! Participation is open to every student of a Dutch university, alone, in a team, and with or without an idea.

Are you a professional? Contribute to the entrepreneurial power of students against the corona crisis with your network or knowledge and become a partner or coach of the first, and hopefully last, Student Against Corona Awards!


Sophia Hummelman: 0031 653299267
Bob van der Meulen: 0031 645945442


The team consisting of 5 board members of local student start-up hubs has grown into a team of 12 after a merger with the renowned 24 Hour Business Game held yearly in Rotterdam. Student entrepreneurship centers from all over the Netherlands are joining forces to facilitate participating students in designing solutions for the greatest crisis of our generation. The organizing core consists of The Dutch umbrella organization for student entrepreneurship; Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship, UtrechtInc Students, Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship Students and Kick-off Eindhoven, and is supported by a total of 12 local student entrepreneurship centers spread over 12 student cities.

In just a week, the initiative has raised a prize pool of 7,000- euros. However, these student initiatives will need exposure, a network and funding to realise their plans. The organization is therefore looking for professionals or organizations with knowledge and network who want to support these ambitious students and their ground-breaking solutions.

The time to act is now. This is a time where creativity, innovation and forward-thinking are building blocks for a better future; one without corona!