The designated time for all of the pre-production, filming and editing is from the 4th of May until the 11th of May 23:59! Use the whole period or just a part of the week to create a short film based on a theme prompt that will be communicated to you the evening before the start day of the challenge!

How do I sign up?
You need to form a group of a maximum of 6 people. Everybody is encouraged to participate, be it from PHOS, WILDe or anywhere else! There is no skill requirement! Only one person from the group needs to fill in the forms.

Important to note: participants are expected to acquire all equipment, crew, locations and everything else related to the production themselves.

Register your team for the challenge: external

Important dates:
Start of the challenge: May 4th
End of the challenge: May 11th
Screening of the films: May 13th

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More information
Date: Saturday 4 May
Time: 19:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs
Location: n/a

Organised by Studium Generale, PHOS and WILDe Theatre