Topics of workshops:

  • 11th of March – Tempo, rhythm and meter
  • 18th of March – Chords and chord progressions
  • 25th of March – Scales and modes


Each of the three workshops consists of:

  • Explanation of the workshop subject
  • A technical exercise for voice and other instruments you play (guitar, piano, violin etc.)
  • A creative assignment, where within a small group of peers you are given instructions and guided to create a new piece and perform it in the end of the workshop.

These short workshop series are designed to ease you into the joy of playing music. It will show you how to work outside the constraints and truly begin to improvise and even write your own music.


Workshop teacher: Natalia Kharetskaya
Natalia Kharetskaya is a professional jazz vocalist and composer from Lithuania who has recently graduated from Codarts University of the Arts. As a vocalist she has participated in various international shows and singing competitions such as Riga Jazz Stage, Eurovision, The voice. She is currently busy with composing and arranging for various ensembles, performing as a session musician and conducting creative workshops and music lessons.


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