With dance, theater, circus and live music by Blaudzun, OSCAR pays tribute to Oscar Carré, the founder of the theater on the Amstel in Amsterdam. His visionary view in combination with his colorful and dramatic life is a source of inspiration for choreographer Ed Wubbe.

OSCAR was created in the spirit of Carré, where all theater genres have traditionally been shown, from revue and musical to concerts and cabaret. Many disciplines merge with the entire Scapino dance ensemble, eight circus artists, Blaudzun and his six-piece band.

Ed Wubbe: “My dream to create a concert, dance and circus performance as an ode to Oscar Carré became reality. Blaudzun’s music was very inspiring and has become an inseparable part of the performance. And what a treat to now release Oscar in the Luxor Theater and thus conclude 30 years of Scapino.”

Blaudzun is a singer, producer and songwriter and has left his mark on the Dutch pop landscape over the past decade with his cinematically arranged, emotionally sung songs. Blaudzun: “In the performance, dancers, circus artists and the music and band members merge together. Every day I am reminded by visitors of the impact the show had on them. And to be honest, the whole thing made as much of an impression on the makers as it did on the audience. What a wonderful prospect to be able to play Oscar again in 2024.”

More information
Date: Thursday 5 September
Time: 20:00 – 22: 00 hours
Location: Nieuwe Luxor Theater Rotterdam

Ticket information:
For EUR students only: € 15,00 (these seats are on the 2st balcony and normal price of these seats is €21,-).
All persons you buy tickets for must be EUR-students!
When you want to sit next to each other, buy your tickets together (not everyone his/her own)

NOTE: We have a very limited number of tickets available at this price for EUR students only, until 25 July!  Via Luxor Theater, tickets can be purchased for the regular price.

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