Rotterdam is one of the most interesting architectural cities of Europe! The Markthal, The huge building De Rotterdam (by Rem Koolhaas), the Central Station and the Erasmus Bridge are all icons of the city.

But Rotterdam is more than the modern blockbuster-architecture you see at first sight. Throughout the entire 20th century, Rotterdam has been built up, torn down and renewed several times. Modern architectural history is found here. You will find the pre-war innovators of architecture, the modernists after the war, the social architects from the 70/80’s and the STARchitects from the ‘booming nineties’. Rotterdam has it all!

In just 2 hours, you’ll crisscross through the centre, over the striking bridges, along the docks and you’ll get off the bike, to experience the majesty of these beautiful buildings. With an architecture guide who can tell you all about Rotterdam.

Bring your own bike!!

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More information:

  • Date: 29 September
  • Time:15.00 – 17.00
  • Location: Campus Woudestein (start)
  • Spoken language: English


Ticket information:

  • Tickets: € 5,00
  • Students only
  • Bring your own bike!
  • Sign up before 22 September