The collections of poetry have been carefully collected by Fresco Sam-Sin, Leiden scientist and director of Het Taalmuseum. The language of the event is Sranan, one of the many languages ​​spoken in Suriname and also Rotterdam.

This collection is cherished among the community and intends to expand it in order to further the celebration of language and translation of Surinamese poetry within Rotterdam. In this context, we have put together a wonderful program for our first event.

Program 15.00 – 16.15

  • Reception by Fresco Sam-Sin
  • Guillaume Pool, poet, reads from his own work and of course from our new collection
  • Arnold Schalks, visual artist, talks about the work he made around the poem Wan bon by Dobru and shows his translation project Surinamese languages, realized in Suriname.
  • Hermine Haman, Sranantongo advocate and researcher. She tells about her father Eddy Bruma, who also wrote poems and reads a poem translated by her

Afternoon: 16.15 – 17.00

With Surinamese snacks and drinks

More information

Location: Het Gemaal op Zuid, Pretorialaan 141 Rotterdam

Access with (free) ticket

Start program 3 pm, walk-in from 14.30

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