In small groups, we will go on our nighttime expedition of the polder De Esch to find the most famous critter of the night: bats. The ecologists of Bureau Stadsnatuur will take you on an exclusive tour to find these hidden creatures. Moreover, we will also lure out the most beautiful moths and ‘night butterflies’ using special techniques. See the city like you have never seen it before through thermal cameras while experts inform you about the flora & fauna. Since we do not want to harm or spook the animals, there are very limited available tickets. So, sign up quickly!

Bureau Stadsnatuur is a knowledge institute working on a nature-inclusive city. It is a small professional organization with extensive knowledge of wildlife throughout the Randstad, with an emphasis on Rotterdam and its port area. They are a part of the Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam.

Date: 7 October
Time: 18.45 – 21.00
Location: Polder De Esch (Close To Campus, Meeting Point Will Be Sent To You)
Ticket information
Only for EUR-students: € 5.-

Organised by Studium Generale