As you tour different unusual locations on campus (including a mock court room and an art gallery) you will be able to talk to the suspects, search for evidence at the special locations, witness live theater scenes and engage in lectures with clues. Will you find out Who Killed Erasmus?

A Murder Mystery Game is an interactive theatre-experience in which you step into the role of the detective! In four rounds, you will be guided through some special lesser-known locations on campus in which you will be able to collect clues. Interact with actors, watch short performances, and in this case, uncover information about Desiderius Erasmus to determine the killer and win the game!

WILDe Theatre is a student theatre group from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Han van Ruler is an acclaimed Erasmus expert and Professor of Intellectual History and Vice-Dean of Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Together with Jeroen Hermkens, he wrote the book In de voetsporen van Erasmus (‘In the footsteps of Erasmus’) in 2017.

Date: Tuesday 16 April
Time: 17:00 – 19:00 hrs
Location: Campus Woudestein
Entrance: Free, reservations mandatory

Organised by Studium Generale & WILDe Theatre