The IPCC Report, ‘Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celsius’, states that all-encompassing changes in every part of society should be implemented in order to mitigate the most detrimental effects of global warming. Companies increasingly implement corporate social responsibility and sustainability departments into their business models. But are these efforts leading towards a world in cohesion with the paradigm of ‘green growth of GDP’ or are they rather a case for ‘greenwashing’? And is ‘green growth’ possible in itself or should we take on ecology as a directory for the economy? Have we lost the true meaning of sustainability? How to align theory and practice?

These and more questions will be answered during several mini lectures by thinkers from different disciplines. After this, an intensive discussion will take place, in which everyone’s inputs and concerns are highly appreciated.

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Language: English

Organized by: Erasmus Involved, Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Rethink Economics Rotterdam